Roddy Kirk - The Dog Whisperer


I have over 17 years of rehabilitating dogs and training people. During that time I have rehabilitated over 9000 dogs. I have a pack of my own and they are all rescued fighting dogs with various degrees of terrible back grounds but are now all therapy dogs.

I also act as an expert witness in court in cases of dog aggression. In addition to this I work with various police forces to handle the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs.

I have worked with over 50 vets, charities, kennels and dog walkers and regularly runs seminars Pack walks and lectures throughout the UK.

I have helped to advise the Socttish government in matters of dog welfare and safety.


IACP full member

IACP board member

I founded the association as a place of learning for all those involved in animal welfare. It is also an organisation designed to give advice to governing bodies to help make the policy desision that are right for the welfare of dogs.

Ran the first ever seminar in the U.K. With Jeff Gelman and Sean O'Shea.


My success has been through the implementation of a wide variety of training techniques that are appropriate for the dog I am training. I then educate the owner in how to implement these techniques in order for them to create the dog that they want.


Website: Be Pack Leader,