What is balanced training

The creation of a strong relationship where the dog respects the owner as someone who has their best interests at heart. By setting rules and boundries the dog understands what is expected of him and can relax by letting the owner take charge of the situations that life presents. This is done by praising desired behaviour and correcting poor descisions.

Most dogs will give their love for free, their respect and trust, however, has to be earned.

What is an aversive?

An aversive is any tool which corrects a dogs’ bad decision. This may be as simple as saying the word "no" or it may require a touch. The amount of force required to correct a dog is always the absolute minimum to achieve the goal.

What is an e-collar?

An education collar is a device like a tens machine which allows the owner to communicate with their dog. The advantage of this device is that it conveys meaning without emotion. No correction should ever be given to a dog with the assossiation of anger. The goal is to earn the dog's respect and gain the right to issue commands. Not to rule by fear.

Are adversives always necessary?

It is important to train the dog that you are training. The dog will dictate the methods used to create a loving and respectful relationship with its owner. However, it is important that the commands you give your dog are non conditional. The dog is not safe if it will only return when called a percentage of the time.