Carol Suttenwood

I have always been fascinated by dogs and my uncle used to train gun dogs. I trained all of my own dogs and really enjoyed the challenge.

Having dealt with aggressive dogs I was forced to learn a great deal to help them. I studied psychology and philosophy at Dundee University and secured a degree with Honours. I used that knowledge and threw myself into studying different training methodologies. I attend seminars by various trainers which keeps me on my toes with learning and furthering my quest in training.

This encopuraged me to try and use my experience to help others and I quickly realised how many people needed that help. My aim is to impart any knowledge I have to enable people to have a better relationship with their dog also to work and learn with other like minded trainers who can enhance my own knowledge. In this over zealous era of political correctness I feel dogs and owners are being failed as emotions are overriding rationality. We have to educate people to train with their heads not their hearts, it's one of the best gifts we can give dogs. This philosophy has lead me to rehabilitate previously reactive dogs. The success I had enabled me not only to rehabilitate dogs, but to actually use those dogs to help others change their dogs’ into balanced, happy pets who enhance the lives of their owners.