About the association

The association uses the phrase "balanced" dog training. This means that the dog is rewarded for acceptable behaviour. It might come in the form of a treat for sitting on command, or simply in the form of affection for being calm. On the reverse side, the dog is also corrected for unwanted behaviour. This may come in the form of a verbal rebuke, such as the word no, or a touch if the dog is in a high energy state.

The association is open to many forms of dog training equipment and there is lots of discussion on how to use various tools in the most effective manner. The ethos of the association is to provide information on the use of appropriate training for the specific dog in question in order to keep the dog in question and the people around it safe.

In the picture above, the dogs are wearing electronic collars. The photograph was taken on a socialisation walk involving about 30 dogs. Many of these dogs were able to roam freely and have the fun shown in the photograph due to the correct use of this technology.

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